The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room...

S: Advertising and marketing has become all about technology.

A: You need a weapons developer with technology in their DNA.


The Current Reality

Acquiring customers is becoming more and more expensive...

Advertising is getting more and more expensive

As more businesses begin advertising, the more dollars you need to compete with.

Bottom Line: The cost per customer is getting out of hand.

Customers get lost in the noise... and ignore you

As customers see advertising all day long, they become numbed... and your message gets lost in the noise.

Bottom Line: You have to spend more, and it's just noise.

Customers and the world are changing too fast

Customers are moving online. Covid accelerated it. Makes traditional advertising less and less effective.

Bottom Line: You overspend on advertising that no longer works.

There is a solution. The complication is that you need to be a
Fortune 500 company to afford the solution...

The Strategy

Co-op small businesses. Combined buying power so you can use the Fortune 500 technology that bypasses all these problems.

The Approach

Using this new technology: focus fewer dollars only on your future customers and stand out from your competitors... for pennies

Fewer dollars

Apple, Disney, Ford don't pay retail pricing for their advertising. They access a special wholesale platform. Now you can get access to wholesale pricing.

Only customers

Google and Facebook make you pay for 95% of waste. Now you can target only very specific future customers, down to their credit score, specific address, and more.

Stand out

Facebook and Google adwords are for amateurs. Now your ads can appear on Spotify, Apple TV, shopping malls for pennies... so you look like a Fortune 500 company.

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If you would like to see how advanced technology can transform your business...

Built For You By a Fortune 500 Award Winning Team


This technology, and the artificial intelligences behind it are from a Fortune 500 Award Winning Team...

We've won numerous awards in innovation and artificial intelligence from: Intel, Samsung, Ford, AT&T, Ericsson, IBM, Amazon, IBM among others and industry association awards as well.


We have numerous patents that were issued by the US Patent Office, in the United States and Internationally.

Many of our patents were licensed to practically every major institution.

If you buy things online from Amazon, eBay, etc... you're probably using one of our patents.

If you bank online... you're probably using one of our patents.

If you're using Windows 10... your probably using one of our patents right now.

We've been doing technology innovation and artificial intelligence for nearly 20 years now...

For the past 10 years we've been building artificial intelligences for hedge funds...

And now...

We decided to take all that technical experience and turn it to help you grow your business faster than was ever possible.

Advanced Technology Behind The Design

What makes Acquirely Technology different is the advanced technology that happens behind the scenes... so you can transform advertising... into leads... into revenue.

In today's fast changing technology driven world, the winners are growing, and the losers are being made obsolete. There is no middle ground. For you to stay ahead, you need the advanced technology to first get you leads... then drive sales and conversion so you can convert those leads into revenue.

World-Class Partners

We have deep expertise in the industry’s leading marketing technology solutions, and we maintain top-tier relationships with key technology partners.


A 30 Year History of Innovation

What makes Acquirely Technology different is the advanced technology that happens behind the scenes... so you can transform advertising... into leads... into revenue.

Since the beginning at the National Press Club in Washington DC, we have created new standards in publishing, information technology and marketing.

In the 1980s we first innovated digital publishing and marketing from records, to CDs, to DVDs and now the Internet.

Since those early days, Quantitative Technologies has gone on to win awards in innovation from Intel, Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and Samsung among others.

Whatever we innovate, it becomes new standards to push industries forward.