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Technology Solutions for Sales and Market Share


Auto sales is a highly competitive industry while simultaneously consumer buying habits change almost on a daily basis.

  • With the recent pandemic, changes in buying habits have been accelerated.
  • Buyers have become digital-first shoppers.
  • 80% of auto purchases are decided online before they get to the dealership.

These factors have created a window of opportunity for your dealership to step in and capture the minds of your area.

COVID accelerated the end-game. It's not just millenials, it's all Americans... are now online.

  • In 2021 YouTube had higher ratings than Superbowl Sunday†. Advertisers who spend millions on advertising are up in arms.
  • Connected TV (AppleTV, ROKU, etc.) viewers are double cable and network TV.
  • 83% of Americans are on YouTube††.
  • Traditional TV, newspapers, magazines, broadcast networks viewership has collapsed to half or less.††

Businesses that rely on old, traditional marketing may be seeing the end of their businesses.


1. You Must Act Now

This is a window opportunity that will close when one dealership becomes the digital leader.

If you act... you can be the dealership that captures that leadership opportunity. But time is of the essence.

How to capture the opportunity?


2. The Solution

Old advertising methods have just become noise to the consumer. With every delership using the same tactics... nobody stands out.

Advanced technological tactics let you capture and hold their attention... you become the leader.

How does this technology work?


3. Financials
Advertising is traditionally very expensive. Mostly because of it is a hit-or-miss waste of money.

New technologies lets you pinpoint auto buyers right when they are planning to buy for pennies on the dollar.

Does this make financial sense?

Time Is Of The Essence

  • As you know, Covid has pushed most of the mainstream online more than ever before.
  • Not just millennials, but older generations have moved online.
  • This year YouTube had higher ratings than the Superbowl.

2021 Superbowl Sunday Ratings


Use Technology as your weapon.

One dealership in your area is going to emerge the technology leader in this new era.

Let the other dealerships go the way of the dinosaur.


Use Technology As Your Weapon

Just a few of the toys Fortune 500 companies get access too...
That's now yours.

Wholesale vs. Retail Pricing

Retail Facebook/Google Advertising   %
Wholesale   %

Google and Facebook charge you retail pricing. Fortune 500 companies pay wholesale. A new technology let's you access their wholesale pricing.

Wholesale vs. Retail Market Share

Your Marketshare via Wholesale   %

Google and Facebook retail advertising caps you at the number of people you can reach. Wholesale technology lets you reach EVERYONE. With zero limits. That's 10x market penetration.

CarJacking™ Technology & Mind Share

Competitors %
Your Market Takeover via Carjacking   %

Carjacking literally captures buyers the moment they drive onto your competitor's lots. What this means to you is that you control those buyers minds the moment they think about buying.

*CarJacking technology is protected by Patent Pending and Trade Secret technology.

InfiniteBillboard™ Market Share

Traditional %
Your InfiniteBillboard  Market Share %

Traditional billboards are ignorable, and fleeting. Once past... forgotten. InfiniteBillboard technology captures 100% of drivers... and your advertising follows them around all day... for pennies.

*InfiniteBillboard technology is protected by Patent Pending and Trade Secret technology.

InfiniteBillboard™ Cost

Traditional Billboards are Expensive %

Traditional billboards are expensive, and scarce. InfiniteBillboard is infinitely more effective at a tiny fraction of the cost.

*InfiniteBillboard technology is protected by Patent Pending and Trade Secret technology.

CelebrityMarketing™ Market Share

CelebrityMarketing  Local Population Influenced %

Traditional retail advertising is like squeezing blood from a stone.

Google and Facebook only give you a tiny share of what's out there.

  • Google AdWords makes you look desperate and ordinary.
  • Facebook is sparse and ineffective.
  • Google display advertising is only seen by junk traffic*.

Imagine being featured on the premier, high-quality sites that brand you as... abundant and luxurious...


Imagine appearing on premier, high-quality television that brand you as... technologically advanced with reach.


Imagine working with a true winner... not fake awards
from nobody-websites...

    • Multiple awards in Technology
    • Multiple awards in Innovation
    • Multiple awards in advanced Artificial Intelligence
    • Won from FORTUNE 500 companies...

Imagine... those are just a few of our First-Place awards. We won't bother you with the dozens and dozens of smaller awards.

* Google display advertising is known for using institutional platforms for buying the traffic nobody else wants. That's why it's effectiveness is so poor. Your traffic on the other hand is pre-vetted down to the color of their hair, and credit score.


Makes financial sense for 3 reasons.

  • Your cost per sale is significantly less because of reduced waste.
  • Your number of sales is significantly higher from higher market share & penetration.
  • You can more easily outspend your competition... due to their excessive waste.

Reduce your cost per sale.

Retail Advertising... You Paid For %
You Got %

Stop Paying for Junk/Fake Traffic

According to four-billion dollar security firm Imperva (2021) the Internet had record traffic from fake robot traffic. In fact, 40% of all Internet traffic is not human. According to Forbes (2021), Facebook has 270 million fake accounts that click your ads – the equivalent of the US population.


Advertise like Fortune 500 Companies

Fully-Targeted Pre-Vetted %

It's pretty simple. When you have to power to ONLY advertise to specific pre-vetted* audiences... you know your advertising dollars are going where you want them to go.

Oh, and by the way, fake robot traffic doesn't have credit scores.

* Pre-Vetted audiences are 100% of all humans. They are profiled on multiple consumer databases which include everything from prior-purchases, credit scores, family, political affiliations, and everything else you ever worried about being spied on, down to tracking your individual cell phone, your home internet, your office internet... everthing. There are literally hundreds of databases. This includes 100% of all humans, even in Incognito mode.


Power of Targeting

When Ford launched their new Ford Edge, they wanted to target younger women with children. So they used artificial intelligence to find, and target them specifically. The system has access to consumer databases, and knows which women have children, what parts of town they live in, what their income is, and the list goes on. Knowing all this, the AI was able to actually go out and find more customers specifically for this model.


Power of Bigger Numbers

When AT&T purchased DirectTV they knew they wanted to expand their DirectTV subscriber base. And they knew it wasn't for everyone. So AT&T used artificial intelligence to analyze which demographics in each city were most likely to subscribe. However, that's only half the story. Once they knew who the best target demographics were... next they wanted big numbers to get lots of subscribers. So they used the AI to scale up and go get more subscribers in each city.

Next Steps

Ready to take control of your growth?

To make this as easy as possible, there are basically two options.

(1) You can try one of our pre-designed programs to feel the effectiveness.

(2) You can contact us and we can custom design a program for you.

An important note is that some programs we can only permit one client per area due to the program design. As an example, the CarJacking technology where you intercept purchases from your competitors lots can only be offered to one client per area.

Need something specific?

Have a specific problem set? Contact our technology solutions architects.