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Wholesale pricing. Limitless scale.

"Introducing An All New Technology So You Can Access An Untapped Source of Clients... In Nearly Limitless Quantities."

An All New Technology
So You Can Access
An Untapped Source of
New Clients in 2020..."

Based on a 10 year, tried-and-true system never before available to  Small and Medium Businesses.

Yes, there is a difference between
wholesale and retail advertising.

Yes, there is a difference between
wholesale and retail advertising.

The situation is that if you aren't a Fortune 500 company... you are stuck using retail advertising.


Going through Google, Facebook and the like is retail.

You face two complications:

One, you're overpaying for junk. Google and Facebook have the singular objective of consuming your advertising budget as quickly as possible.

Theirs is a profit motive... not a performance motive.

Two, you can't scale up. Google and Facebook only release limited amount of traffic for their retail clients. With retail, you can grow very, very slowly.


What you are going to learn in the next few minutes could save you tens of thousands of wasted dollars in advertising.

If you've ever been burned by online advertising, it's probably because you used retail advertising.

When it comes to advertising there are two completely different worlds.

There's the retail (amateur) advertising world where someone you hire places ads in Google, Facebook or some other online source.


You'll see why below... retail advertising only results in:

    • It's for "mom and pop" small business advertising.
    • Expensive costs and poor results.
    • Worst of all... not enough numbers. One or two results... here and there... you could never build a business like that.


Wholesale advertising is a completely different animal:

    • It's the gold standard in the world of high-end advertising.
    • Extreme cost efficiency (you're paying wholesale, not retail)
    • More importantly... scale. You have direct access to the source for traffic... You can ramp up the numbers to hundreds of new clients.


The reason you've never heard about wholesale advertising is because the difference between retail and wholesale is a million dollar advertising budget.

It's a secret hidden in plain sight... unless you are spending a million dollars annually in advertising... they won't even talk to you over the phone.

That's why wholesale stays in the realm of major national companies.


Here's how you can get access... without the million dollar budget.

We're an award-winning advanced technology company. Awards from Intel, Amazon, etc.

Our mission is to bring powerful tools and weapons used by big companies... to you.

So we've put together some technology, and pooled together other clients... so together you can qualify to get access to this program.

(60 Seconds) What Makes This Drastic Growth Possible

    • A system to acquire targeted customers/clients.
    • Based on a 10 year, tried-and-true system that's never been available.
    • Never before available to smaller companies.


    • We are a technology company that gets you high-value clients and customers through an advanced technology.
    • This system is called Algorithmic Direct Channel Technology. It is an advanced advertising technology not available to small retail advertisers.
    • In simple terms you buy traffic and advertising direct from sources at the wholesale level.
    • You Get Access through proprietary technology and artificial intelligence we've developed to make it possible.
    • Companies spent over 85 billion dollars last year on this same system and are expected to increase to over 100 Billion dollars in 2022.
    • It has highly specific targeting capabilities to pinpoint specific types of customers that you can specify.
    • Capable of delivering customers at exceedingly high volume.
    • You may not have heard of this before because:
        • The advertising budget required is a million dollars minimum.
        • You need a dedicated technical department to manage it.
        • While it's well known in the high-end advertising industry. It's not advertised at the consumer level.
    • We are a 30 year, award winning technology company.

How It Works

How It Works

Why You May Have Never Heard of This Before

The Algorithmic Direct Channel technology is well established. It's been in use by large companies who watch everything like a hawk... and demand performance. Any company or advertiser who spends more than ten-million dollars a year uses it.

Technology like this basically draw the line between retail, "mom and pop" type advertising and true wholesale, enterprise advertising.


The Requirements To Use This Advanced System

You may not have heard of this type of technology before because of the expense and technical complexity.

You need to spend over a million dollars a year in advertising (at the bare minimum), and you need a technical team well versed in artificial intelligence.

So for good reason, it's not marketed to the consumer and small business market.

However... it is the gold standard in high-end advertising industry...


Artificial Intelligence Is Dominating Advertising
Wall Street programmers are dominating advertising from real-time technologies using artificial intelligence.


AI and Advertising -- The Perfect Recipe
Analytical capabilities of AI based algorithms can create the perfect recipe for your ad, displaying it at the right time to the right people.


According to a new study...
According to a new study, computerized real-time AI systems that target users based on consumer data and Web-browsing histories will overtake all other advertising in terms of performance many times over. This is clearly the future of advertising for those that can do it and afford it.

A Quick Peek At The Inner Workings

A Quick Peek At The Inner Workings

At the heart of this algorithmic approach is artificial intelligence. You can think of it as having your own personal advertising manager who works 24 hours a day.

And on an average day... your personal advertising manager will analyze 3 million visitors-per-second looking for your ideal clients.

As an award-winning artificial intelligence and technology company, this was a perfect fit for us.


Here's an example.

Your personalized artificial intelligence (AI marketing manager) would have you on Forbes, May Clinic, Bloomberg as well as thousands of other high profile-websites. (These are just a few examples.)

It would monitor every visitor, looking for matches for your city's demographics and psychographics for your ideal clients.

And here is how the algorithm would work...


Here's an example of the machine learning algorithm in its most basic form. The fundamental idea is easy to grasp: A visitor i appears. The AI then uses consumer databases to look up the visitor, and figure out exactly who this visitor is. The AI then evaluates the probability for a specific procedures type  j based on the probability of the visitor becoming a client for your business targeting. If the AI determines this is a probable client, it then purchases that visitor for the amount vij - αj, where αj denotes a sub-algorithm to optimize the bid price, and probability of success in real time.


Additional references can be found at: Ye Chen et al. "Real-Time Bidding Algorithms for Performance-Based Display Ad Allocation" (2011), Microsoft Research.

Here are some real-World examples of how Wholesale works.


Power of Targeting

When Ford launched their new Ford Edge, they wanted to target younger women with children. So they used artificial intelligence to find, and target them specifically. The system has access to consumer databases, and knows which women have children, what parts of town they live in, what their income is, and the list goes on. Knowing all this, the AI was able to actually go out and find more customers specifically for this model.

AS A BUSINESS OWNER: You would want the same things. First you choose a type of client/customer you want more of. Next, you let the artificial intelligence analyze your client database to learn where to find those clients. It will access those same consumer databases to figure out, then go out and get more clients for you.


Power of Bigger Numbers

When AT&T purchased DirectTV they knew they wanted to expand their DirectTV subscriber base. And they knew it wasn't for everyone. So AT&T used artificial intelligence to analyze which demographics in each city were most likely to subscribe. However, that's only half the story. Once they knew who the best target demographics were... next they wanted big numbers to get lots of subscribers. So they used artificial intelligence to scale up and go get more subscribers in each city.

AS A BUSINES OWNER: You don't just want more clients... you want lots more clients... of the right kind... for your targeted market. Wholesale gives you the power to scale up your numbers to pretty much as big as you want to go. You effectively have the power to reach EVERYONE in your city. That's why this is practically a limitless program.

The Cost

The Cost

Platform Costs

If you want to access these platforms on your own, for instance just to set up costs upwards of ten-thousand dollars every month.

In addition, the consumer databases fees get added on to that. After all the integration fees and costs, you're looking at nearly six-figures per month.

That doesn't include the engineers to manage all the technical aspects. This isn't the world of some Social Media manager straight out of college, these are software engineers and data scientists.

That's why you need million dollar budgets for this to make sense.

However, our proprietary technology and artificial intelligence allows you to join a select group of other businesses.

As a group, get access to these expensive systems makes sense.

You get all the power without the cost... and you don't have to pay these platform costs as an individual.

Membership Benefits

Our "bridging technology" allows a group of businesses to share the platform costs.

By joining other businesses in this program, all your platform costs (tens of thousands of dollars per month) are covered.

In addition, your own custom artificial intelligence handles all the management and machine-learning of your system.

This type of technology was extremely expensive to create, and is equally expensive to operate.

We have invested over five years building this artificial intelligence, and bridge technology to get you access to the advanced DSP and RTB systems.

We have well over seven figures in engineering and technology costs invested.

And we will be investing another 10,000 hours over the next 12 months to continue to add new features to the artificial intelligence and other systems.